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Speechwriting Masterclass

Our speechwriting masterclass is delivered by a former Member of Parliament with over 30 years experience, Rt Hon Alistair Burt. With a lengthy and varied front bench career in both Government and Opposition, despite long stints travelling as Foreign Office and International Development Minister, his reputation as an excellent constituency MP was never diminished.  The […]

Bitesize: Mastering Time Management for MP’s Staff

Unleash the power of efficient time management with our one-hour bitesize course tailored specifically for MP’s staff. In this session, we will equip your team with indispensable techniques to optimise daily tasks, strike a harmonious balance between reactive and proactive work, and strategically allocate time for future-focused initiatives and long-term campaigns. Course Highlights: Empower your […]

Bitesize: Excelling in Incumbency Campaigns

Join us for an insightful one-hour bitesize course tailored to MP’s staff, dedicated to honing the skills necessary to advance incumbency campaigns with purpose and efficacy. This session is crafted to guide your team through the process of identifying key constituency issues aligned with the MP’s priorities, utilising parliamentary tools to drive impactful campaigns, and […]

Bitesize: Mastering Efficient Campaign Casework

Unlock the power of effective campaign casework management with our one-hour bitesize course designed exclusively for MP’s staff. In this dynamic training session, we will equip your team with the essential skills to handle campaign casework efficiently and leverage the gained insights to the advantage of your constituency. Equip your team with the skills and […]