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Bitesize: Excelling in Incumbency Campaigns

Course Description

Join us for an insightful one-hour bitesize course tailored to MP’s staff, dedicated to honing the skills necessary to advance incumbency campaigns with purpose and efficacy. This session is crafted to guide your team through the process of identifying key constituency issues aligned with the MP’s priorities, utilising parliamentary tools to drive impactful campaigns, and maintaining transparent communication with constituents.

Course Highlights:

  1. Strategic Issue Identification: Learn the art of identifying critical issues within the constituency that resonate with the MP’s overarching priorities and will serve as the foundation for successful incumbency campaigns.
  2. Leveraging Parliamentary Tools: Dive into an exploration of the invaluable tools available to MPs within the parliamentary landscape and how to work with House of Commons’ teams and access additional resources available to MPs.
  3. Campaign Execution Excellence: Master the art of campaign orchestration, from meticulous planning to execution. Explore strategies to rally stakeholders, harness cross-party collaboration, and leverage parliamentary procedures to drive tangible outcomes.
  4. Transparent Constituent Engagement: Elevate your MP’s engagement with constituents by effectively communicating campaign progress and results. Discover methods to provide constituents with meaningful updates, ensuring transparency and fostering a deeper connection between the MP and the community.
  5. Real-world Case Studies: Engage in immersive case studies that bring theory to life. We will look at successful incumbency campaigns, dissecting their strategies and outcomes, and gain practical insights to apply within your constituency.

Empower your team with the knowledge and tools needed to drive impactful incumbency campaigns that effect positive change within your constituency. Register now to secure your spot and unlock the potential for your team to lead transformative campaigns in just one hour!

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Payment Details
Course Price: £75 Inc VAT
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Course Details
Course Dates:

Awaiting future dates. Please email to register your interest.

Price: £75 Inc VAT
Course Format: Teams (virtual)
Number of Places Available: 20
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