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Bitesize: Mastering Time Management for MP’s Staff

Course Description

Unleash the power of efficient time management with our one-hour bitesize course tailored specifically for MP’s staff. In this session, we will equip your team with indispensable techniques to optimise daily tasks, strike a harmonious balance between reactive and proactive work, and strategically allocate time for future-focused initiatives and long-term campaigns.

Course Highlights:

  1. Reactive vs. Proactive Dynamics: Gain an understanding of the delicate interplay between reactive and proactive tasks in the dynamic world of parliamentary affairs. Learn how to prioritise urgent matters without compromising the pursuit of strategic, forward-looking objectives.
  2. Effective Task Management: Discover proven methodologies to streamline day-to-day tasks, ensuring enhanced productivity and reducing time wastage. Explore techniques to prioritise, collaborate, and execute tasks with precision.
  3. Horizon Scanning for Future Success: Uncover the art of horizon scanning—a vital skill in parliamentary environments. Learn how to carve out time for foresight, identify emerging trends, and strategically plan for long-term campaigns and initiatives.
  4. Strategic Time Blocking: Master the technique of time blocking, a powerful tool to compartmentalise your day for optimal efficiency. Explore how to allocate dedicated time slots for distinct activities, fostering a structured routine that accommodates both immediate demands and visionary pursuits.
  5. Personalised Time Management Strategies: Understand that one size does not fit all. We will guide your team in crafting personalised time management strategies that align with individual work styles and responsibilities, ensuring maximum effectiveness.

Empower your team to master the challenges of time constraints and embrace a harmonious rhythm between reactive and proactive work. Register now to secure your spot in this enlightening one-hour session and equip your team with the tools to navigate their daily tasks while carving out space for ongoing and long term projects.

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Payment Details
Course Price: £75 Inc VAT
Course Details
Course Dates:

Awaiting future dates. Please email to register your interest.

Price: £75 Inc VAT
Course Format: Teams (virtual)
Number of Places Available: 20
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