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We offer independent, professional support, specifically tailored to each individual office. As experienced Westminster staffers, we understand the unique nature of an MPs office and will work to support your team.


Why outsource your HR?

We know how time consuming recruitment and HR can be, and it’s probably not what you and your team came to Parliament to spend your time focusing on.

Getting it wrong can be costly and disruptive and it’s hard to stretch your staffing budget to find an experienced HR Manager.

By using a centralised service, you can ensure your office fully complies with modern employment practices and prioritise your staffing budget towards Parliamentary and constituency work.

Our independent, professional service will support you to be a good employer and help to raise employment standards across Parliament.



Recruiting the right people can take a significant amount of time. We can take that task off your hands and make sure the process is fair, open and legally compliant.

Whether you need short term or permanent staff, we will present you with a shortlist of suitable candidates to interview, and then assist you with the necessary paperwork to meet IPSA’s requirements.

HR Management Services

We understand just how crucial staff are to the success of an MP’s work, but often the budgets don’t stretch to an experienced HR Manager.

Regular appraisals and performance monitoring start during the probationary period. We can support your staff andĀ help maximise their achievements. And we can be by your side if difficult conversations need to take place.

Team Review

An MP’s office team is small, but with a very clear purpose: to support and enhance the MP across a range of areas. A cohesive, vibrant, happy team is undoubtedly a productive and focused one, and regular team reviews help to achieve everyone is moving in the same direction.

Our service offers a bespoke review, with individual and group discussions, to enhance your team and support your work as an MP.



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