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New Services for New MPs

As we head further into the year, closer to the inevitable election, Hive Support and many of the other service providers who exist to support MPs have been busy getting ready to welcome a new intake to Westminster. Transitioning from a candidate to an MP is a very unique, and quite weird, experience. You go […]

Why Training Your Current Staff Team is More Cost-Effective Than Hiring New Ones

As someone overseeing and running an office, you’re always looking for ways to improve the productivity and efficiency of your team. One question you might be asking yourself is whether it’s better to hire new staff or train your existing team members. While both options have their benefits, there are some compelling reasons to invest […]

Appraisal and supervision – the importance of both and knowing the difference

The majority of MP’s offices are very busy, often to the point of overwhelm. Deadlines are a constant and they get routinely moved up and down the list depending on things happening nationally and in the House. Bottom of the list for an MP are often staff supervision meetings and annual appraisals. If it’s an […]

Handling backlogs in casework

In our experience, this is a problem that occurs regularly in Parliamentary offices and can occur for many reasons. Staff absences, illnesses and general staff turnover are the usual causes for short term backlogs, as well as an increase in casework relating to specific issues. However, some offices may feel like they are permanently dealing […]

The Impact of Working from Home

As Coronavirus keeps spreading, working from home offers many benefits to both staff and MPs. Flexibility, less commuting time, better work-life balance – but there are downsides, particular for junior staff or those new to working in Parliament.  When staff join Parliamentary teams, either in Westminster or in the constituency, they are often fulfilling a […]

Supporting Parliamentary Staff – Caring for Dependants/Home-Schooling

As the Government announce that employers can use the furlough scheme for employees who have caring responsibilities (including those unable to work, or working reduced hours, due to home-schooling or childcare facilites being closed), support is also available to MPs and their staff who find themselves in similar positions. Although MPs cannot utilise the formal […]

Remote Staff Induction

It can be difficult knowing how to best induct new staff remotely. Read our guide with lots of tips; drawing on from years of experience working as a remote Parliamentary team. Remote Staff Induction Guide If you haven’t yet hired the new staff you need, do get in touch and we can help you with […]

Caseworker welfare – how the role has changed

As someone who has been around for a while (coming up to 14 years) I have seen first-hand just how much the roles of Parliamentary staff have changed in recent years. Not just in the way the work arrives (the inevitable shift towards digital rather than traditional post) but also the amount and the type. […]

What staff do you need – and what to do if you’ve got it wrong.

It’s very easy, as a new MP, to recruit in a rush. There is an urgent need to ‘hit the ground running’ and the inbox fills up pretty fast. With such a small team, most MPs usually try to recruit someone they have known previously in order to secure a trusted advisor that they can […]

Team – How Does it Work for You?

There are infinite blogs and ‘how to’ columns out there on teams and how they work. Many are angled almost entirely at a corporate level; teams who are raising a company’s income, beating a monthly financial high, and all that. But what’s it like in Parliament? The most common team is an MP’s office, on average […]